psychics have been around since ancient times, although they were often referred to by other names such as seer, prophet or oracle. If you have had one of the many available psychic readings, you aren't alone - around 25 percent of UK residents have consulted a psychic and about half that number took the results seriously.

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What Is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who can identify information that exists outside the normal senses; they are said to be able to foretell the future, practice mind reading and communicate with the dead. Many people who believe in psychics consult one in the hops of hearing from a loved one who has recently died. There is no single type of person who consults a psychic or takes advantage of psychic readings; people from all ages, different walks of life and different religions have psychic readings, although women are more likely to use the services of a psychic, rather than men. Today, many psychics offer their services online, although you scan still find psychics working out of their office, and providing walk in customers with a psychic reading.

Psychics and Religion

It is possible to believe in psychics and the spirit world without being religious, although of course many people who consult a psychic are religious and do so in an effort to hear from a deceased person 'on the other side'. Some mediums maintain that God has given them the gift of psychic ability, and whatever information they are able to see is decided solely by God, rather than by them. On the other hand, some deeply religious people see psychics as frauds, along with Tarot cards, fortune tellers and séances, and feel strongly that what they are doing is wrong, according to various passages in the Bible. Other religions embrace psychics or seers in some way, including Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

How Do Psychics Benefit People?

There is no doubt that to those that believe in the power of psychic readings, they can be a useful tool, and can help in several ways. Consulting with a psychic enables people to have a much clearer idea of what is going on in their life, what the possible outcome may be, and strategies to cope with that situation or event. A skilled psychic will enable you to have a profound insight into issues affecting your life at the moment, by helping you understand the past as well as predicting the future. Many people who consult a psychic point out that they have possibilities or options that they otherwise would not have considered, and are able to eliminate behaviours or beliefs that aren't helping them. And of course, many people talk to a psychic in the hopes of hearing messages from a loved one who has died; being reassured that someone is happy and content in the afterlife can understandably be a great comfort to many who have lost someone. Of course, it all comes down to what you believe, and despite the lack of scientific evidence of psychic ability, millions still believe.